Picatic Anywhere is all about YOU and YOUR BRAND!  (Read more about why hosting events is good for our brand)

We heard you loud and clear. You wanted your own brand highlighted when you sell tickets. That’s exactly what we kept in mind when we created Picatic Anywhere!

“A one step checkout process intended to increase conversion rates on your ticket sales!”

This one stop – one step checkout keeps people on your site. There is no more redirecting back to the Picatic site which should increase your conversions as there are less friction points to your ticket purchasers checkout.

This seamless checkout experiences means fewer abandoned shopping carts, better event ticket conversions and better customization for your brand.

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How Does Picatic Anywhere Convert More Event Attendees

What some people don’t realize is that when visitors come onto your site not all of them will purchase tickets from you.

Typically, customers land on your website. They proceed to click a call to action (buy now). After that they are promoted to the next page, or the next step. What you should know is that the more friction you have, before your customers get to the shopping cart or to get through the process, the less likely they are to buy.

If there are 4 steps to purchase a ticket  then there are more places for people to abandon the sales – which can cause greater shopping cart abandonment. People already leave your site because the Internet is slow, someone interrupted them or they got side tracked by a notice on their computer or a child. Making them jump through steps before they can purchase a ticket is one more distraction that we want to eliminate.

The average e-commerce abandonment rate is 68.07% according to the Baymard Institute. So if you have a landing page to conversion rate of 10% that’s great.

Picatic anywhere will help you increase your conversions. When someone is purchasing a ticket for your event, they no longer have to go anywhere. The purchaser stays on the same page and they can choose what ticket type they want through a one stop check out process on the same page.

Ticketing anywhere is mitigating multiple checkout steps.

Any time you remove a step from the purchase funnel it will greatly increase your conversion rate. Fewer steps equates to less drop off and cart abandonment. With Picatic Anywhere – your ticket purchasers visit your website and can purchase a ticket right there. They can select how many tickets, they can enter promo codes and within seconds, they can acquire a ticket to your event without having to go through several steps to do so.

So, how can you insert Picatic Anywhere onto your website? It’s simple. Copy two lines of code, paste them on your website and avoid the need for a developer! It really is that simple.

Your Brand Matters

When you set up an event you are in charge of everything from catering, to the DJ, to the ambience in the room. The list of event details is endless. 

Creating an event is an extension of you and what you have to offer. In essences – it is your personal brand on display for all of your event attendees.
Once your event is planned you need to start selling tickets. With Picatic Anywhere your personal brand is found throughout the ticketing experience as event attendees never leave your website in order purchase their tickets. Your brand will always be displayed front and centre.


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