Wondering what’s the best day of the week to schedule your event? Well, that depends on several factors. Initially, I believed that weekends would be the best for hosting events, but is that really true? Let’s take a look at some of the differing factors.

what's the best day of the week to host your event?

Work Around Holidays or With Them?

If you’re smart and seasonal, you can sometimes take advantage of holiday events and get some extra bang for your buck by scheduling an event a day or two on either side of them. Check if the venue will let you use their own holiday-themed decorations for your event. If they’ve already decorated, take advantage of this and you’ll end up saving a lot of money.

Weekends or Weekdays?

As the Knot points out, Saturdays can suck: event venues can be booked a year or more in advance for Saturdays. After-work events on weekdays have several advantages, including the glamour of evening lighting and the fact that people drink less. If it must be on a weekend, try Sundays. Unless your demographic is heavily church-going they are likely to be free that day, and often more relaxed thanks to having had Saturday off as well. A word of caution: Sundays are often chef’s day off, so check to make sure the kitchen is going to be up to its usual standard that day.

Seminars and Workshops?

Generally speaking, Thursday is the best day to hold seminars and workshops, with Tuesday as the second-best choice. People are less likely to cancel on these days and are more likely to be engaged. Thursday events also have the highest rate of sales closed (books, trip packages, what have you), and people are more focused and more open than they are earlier in the week.

Fridays are a washout for business or learning events because on Friday people are typically exhausted from their work week or they are more likely to be traveling.

The Very Best Day of the Week to Host Events?

The very best day of the week, ultimately, is the day it is possible to stage the event. There is zero fun and typically little profit in scheduling anything on a day when you’re fighting with household calendars for events they’ve planned months in advance.

Be realistic. You have team members sure, but you are the one who needs to make this event happen. Host your event when it’s possible instead of knocking yourself out to do what cannot be done.

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