Small things add up to make a big difference when you’re busy trying to sell out your events. Here are some highlights of the new features and improvements we’ve recently shipped at Picatic.

Performance enhancements for Check-In on iOS

After a ticket has been scanned you can immediately scan another ticket without the hassle of having to navigate away from the camera. This allows for continuous and faster scanning to help get your guests through the door.

With this latest release we’ve also put a big emphasis on improving the reliability of the app to ensure it can handle the needs of high-traffic events.

Picatic Check-In & Ticket Scanning App

Refund and cancel orders

It’s now easy to quickly refund or cancel an order without having to get in touch with us or visit your Stripe account!

Simply navigate to your Orders section and refund or cancel tickets. Once the order has been fully or partially refunded, the ticket holder will automatically receive an email confirming this action.

Set who pays the Service Fees for your event

Passing fees on to your buyer used to mean creating some odd ticket prices.

Now, when you choose to pass the fees on to your buyer it’s neatly displayed as an additional charge during checkout.

pass service fees to purchasers

Edit attendee survey responses

You can now edit and update any survey response collected from your attendees. With this improvement your data will always be accurate and up to date.

Improvements like these are often a direct result of the feedback we receive from you, our amazing customers. If there’s anything you’d like to share send us a note or visit our public Ideas form.

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