One of the great things about running an online event management and ticketing company is that we have a front row seat to amazing people putting on amazing events.

This past weekend I bought a ticket to just that – an amazing event. The Endless Meal, is a private underground supper club, hosted by Kristen, located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighborhood.

I’ve seen many of Kristen’s dinner events being sold on Picatic and was curious to try out the experience. My wife and I bought our tickets and we were not quite sure what to expect.

The day came and we showed up to a private residential building for 8pm.  What was completely different and unique about this event is that Kristen creates the meal and is the host of the dinners; inviting complete strangers into her home. As we walked up to the door we were met with other attendees waiting to be buzzed into Kristen’s home.  We all introduced ourselves, took the elevator up and navigated our way to Kristen’s apartment.

After a soft knock on the door, we were greeted and welcomed with a great big smile.  We entered a dimly lit, candle scented, music filled apartment accompanied with eclectic art pieces proudly hung. Delightfully, at the end of the apartment was the shows main stage, a fully dressed table set for 10 complete strangers who have never met before. Within the hour we were breaking bread, sipping wine and sharing our journeys and stories.

Surrounded by the calm environment we were quickly introduced to our first opportunity to taste Kristen’s food; an indicator of what the remaining evening dining experience would be like. Bliss, complete bliss––OR, to my taste buds, a tease. After completing a cocktail, we all took our seats and were introduced to the menu for the evening.

Soon after, the food was presented on the table which was based on a menu of fresh, local and in-season ingredients served family style at the table. The presentation itself was extraordinary. The taste of the food was out of this world.

My wife and I have been fortunate to eat at many fine restaurants all over this world from various star ratings, diamonds to seals. None of these in my opinion hold a candle to Kristen’s food, environment and one of a kind experience.

What is truly amazing about the whole night is that we were in a stranger’s home, whom I am now happy to call a friend. We met new people, laughed, had great conversations and ate great food all while creating a memory that will last a lifetime.


For those who are inspired by Kirsten – Here are a few tips that I learnt from this experience.

Money: Kirsten collected money online first and was guaranteed payment. She has crowdfunded her dinners in the past; however, now based on her popularity, she uses our regular ticketing feature.  As a parton, I found that this was great as there was no awkwardness of pulling out money in someones home. We had already paid online.  And for Kristen, she was assured payment was collected well before partons arrived to her home.

Booze:  Kirsten does not sell booze, in fact we were encouraged to bring our favorite bottle or bottles.  With over 10+ bottles of booze, part of the evening turned into a taste test of other beverages.  It just so happened that one of the guests was a sommelier which was a treat in itself.

Passion: With Kirsten, it is evident that she is passionate for food and people, which equates to delicious food made with heart and memories that will last a lifetime.

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to extend a huge thank you Kristen––

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