Purchasing a ticket online should be a great experience for your patrons. The checkout page is also seen more often than any other on our website. Because of this, and your feedback, we decided to give the checkout experience a major transformation.

We’ve removed the old 4 step system, and created a simplified single page checkout. The new checkout will allow ticket buyers to optionally create or log in to their existing Picatic accounts. Once logged in, their information will be auto-filled into the checkout fields making it easier than ever to purchase tickets for your events.

Faster checkout for free events

We’ve also made registering for free events a whole lot easier by removing a major pain point. Wait for it…billing and mailing information is no longer required for free events! This optional setting can now be toggled on and off from your event’s edit page, under the “Settings” tab.

Based on your feedback, we’ve also changed the copy on the confirm purchase button to read “Register” instead of “Buy Tickets”. This will eliminate any confusion from patrons registering for free events.

Consistent branding

The checkout page now looks more like it’s just another part of your event page. The cover image that you set for your event will be shown throughout the ticket purchase experience. Along with reducing the size of the header and footer, the checkout and confirmation pages are highly focused on displaying the branding of your event.

Log in or create an account to see how these changes will impact your current or future events on Picatic.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our checkout experience. Give us your feedback in the comments below.

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