In 2009, Picatic was born in the middle of a farmer’s field. Jay was travelling between two Saskatchewan cities, Saskatoon and Regina, with a bus load of people to attend a Saskatchewan Roughrider game (Canadian football). Since the trip was all prepaid, collecting money for the trip was difficult. Not everyone had cash, some people wanted to pay later and some didn’t show up at all.

Back then most people purchased their tickets in person. I’m sure you can remember lining up with your friends at the box office waiting to score tickets for that band you heard on the radio. When it was finally your turn to approach the ticket window (or wicket) you asked for, “one please” through a microphone system that had the sound quality of an old phonograph. After passing your cash under the window, you heard the whirling of a machine that printed off that rectangular slip of paper that told you, “I’m in!”.

There was no great way to sell tickets in advance online, for a small event. So we built it. At the time it didn’t have a name, but it worked.

Ticketing today.

Fast forward to today. Ticketing is online. The box office is now your laptop, tablet or phone. You are always at the front of the line.  Picatic has become a major part of this movement. In the last 6 years, 375,000 people have purchased tickets on Picatic for 10,000 of their favourite events in 6 different countries. An event in Vancouver brings Ghostbuster enthusiasts together to watch a movie on a 40ft screen outdoors in Stanley Park. Another brings eSports fans together in a theatre to watch their favourite gamers battle it out in Toronto. Bluetooth brings techies together in New York City to demo the latest and greatest products and apps.


Our new identity.

Event ticketing has evolved, and Picatic has too. Today we’re excited to announce Picatic’s new identity. We feel our new logo perfectly represents our leadership in the future of event ticketing while paying homage to our roots. After all it’s in our name. For those of you that don’t know, Picatic is a shortened version of “Pick a ticket”.


The new logomark is made up of two tickets which represent our mission to “Bring people together.” People enjoy new experiences together. They meet old friends at events. They create new friends. Events bring people together. The ticket on the right has the ticket stub torn off. This allows us to remember the history of tickets as we transition into digital tickets on mobile devices. The logomark also conveniently forms the letter “P”.


Less is more.

Every morning at 8:30 a.m. the entire Picatic team gets together for a standup meeting. Each team member goes over what they worked on yesterday, what they are working on today and if there is anything getting in their way (blockers). Our tradition is to close the standup meeting with a quote. One of my favourites so far is “Less is more”. A motto of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a proponent of minimalism in architecture.


We build simplicity and minimalism into everything we do. We strive to create a simple event registration service for organizers and attendees. Our new identity represents the simplicity that our team crafts into our products every single day.

Event diversity.

The most exciting thing about events is that no two are the same. We built this idea of event diversity into our new identity. Each event has a feel of its own and our new identity brings this forward with a variety of different colours, usages and patterns.

picatic logo animated

We have also included this concept in our business cards. Each Picatic team member chooses their own unique colour combination and personally signs their own cards.


The new Picatic.

picatic-logo-transitionThis isn’t the first time we have changed Picatic’s look. We think the update today best reflects Picatic at this very moment. We have started rolling out our new identity across Picatic’s products and will continue to make the transition over the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy the new Picatic. If you are reading this, you likely helped us get to where we are today. So here’s to you. picatic-cheers

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