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Did you know that over 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress – that’s about 18.9% of all websites. Even more astounding may be that 6 new WordPress.com posts are made every secondThat’s why you need a WordPress events plugin.

If you’re running WordPress, we’re here for you. Anyone with a WordPress website or blog can sell tickets for their Picatic event. All you need to do is have a Picatic account and an active event on our platform!

Introducing, Picatic Anywhere!

Why use a WordPress Events Plugin alternative like ours?

Embed our Picatic Anywhere purchasing widget and sell tickets with your WordPress site or blog. The widget allows buyers to register and purchase tickets from your site.

It requires very little technical skills and makes it easy for your attendees to pay for your tickets without taking additional steps! Here’s how to do it!

Adding Picatic Anywhere To Your Site

1. Login to your Picatic account and click on Manage from your event listing menu (the three dots on the right corner of your event).

Picatic Anywhere, Your WordPress Events Plugin

2. Pick Embeds from the left-side menu.

Embed Your WordPress Events Plugin

3. Choose Picatic Anywhere

4. Next, select how you’d like to add Checkout to your site:

Checkout with your WordPress Events Plugin

  • Button – Trigger checkout from a pre-styled button. Customize the button text, color, and size to your liking!
  • Text – Trigger checkout from a text-link.
  • Custom – Trigger checkout from a custom element on your site.

5. Copy the auto-generated code and paste it into your site.

Copy the code for your WordPress Events Plugin

Once you’ve pasted this code onto your site and it’s up and running, clicking on the text-link, custom element, or button will trigger the Checkout for your event. Here’s a video of Picatic Anywhere in action.

And that’s Picatic Anywhere, our WordPress Events Plugin!

If you need more help with our embeds and integrations, let us know in the comments below or contact our Live Chat assistance on the bottom right! Let’s make some events and #BringPeopleTogether.

The Best WordPress Events Plugin Alternative - Picatic Anywhere
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The Best WordPress Events Plugin Alternative - Picatic Anywhere
Discover how Picatic Anywhere can help you setup events and sell tickets directly from your WordPress site.
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