Today, we’re announcing our new Slack integration for events, which gives your community the power to create events, RSVP, and even buy tickets directly in Slack.

Slack has become one of the most effective ways to build an online community. Everyone from companies to backpackers, to developers, are using Slack to meet, learn, and grow together.

One of the best ways to build a loyal online community is to facilitate opportunities for members to meet offline through live experiences. This often means sharing links to events and directing your Slack workspace members to 3rd party websites and landing pages to register resulting in lost conversions and sales.

At Picatic, we want to make it simple to create events and collect RSVPs from your community, wherever they are. Our new Slack integration does exactly that – it gives you everything you need to create simple events and collect registrations without ever leaving Slack.

The fastest way to create events in Slack

With the Picatic and Slack integration, you can build simple events in minutes to share with your Slack community. No need to waste time switching tools, just add your event details and create tickets directly from Slack with a simple /command.

Picatic for Slack - An Events Integration For Your Workspace

Then, you can share your event with your workspace members by posting the Picatic event URL in any Slack channel. The notification will appear with clickable buttons for your members to RSVP.

Register instantly from Slack

Once a notification comes into Slack, workspace members can register right there with a single click. Attendees can view, print, or add them to their Apple Wallet.

As registrations are collected in Slack, this data is seamlessly synced to Picatic. Now you can see who’s coming and keep track of every attendee.

Picatic for Slack - event registration made easy

Sell paid tickets directly from Slack

In addition to collecting free registrations and RSVPs, you can also sell paid tickets for your events in Slack.

Just like in Picatic, all payments are secure and money is deposited into your bank account every 2 business days. Now you can focus on creating an unforgettable event and not have to worry about when you’ll get access to your funds.

Picatic for Slack - event registration made easy

These features make creating events much more efficient. It makes it easy for workspace members to RSVP instantly, increasing your chances of conversion.

Find out more about the integration and how you can add it to Slack here. We’d also love your support on Product Hunt! Spread the word!

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