Our motto at Picatic is “bring people together.”

We celebrate every ticket we sell, but for the 1 millionth ticket milestone, it was time to do something extra special. How coincidental that the millionth ticket buyer was from Saskatoon – where it all started.

millionth ticket

The 1 Millionth Ticket Purchaser:

On December 20th, 2016, the one millionth ticket was sold on the Picatic platform. We decided to celebrate by surprising buyer, Tamara Lansdell, with a gift of gratitude. This present “The Gift of Gratitude” comprised of a box of chocolates from Harden and Huyse, a gift certificate to Collective Coffee and an embarrassing display of balloons. All from our local faves! We love local businesses as well as chocolate and coffee!

millionth ticket sold

Why so serendipitous? Well, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada is where it all started and where the 1 millionth ticket purchaser (Tamara) lives. It just so happened to be Jayesh Parmar’s (CEO of Picatic) milestone birthday and he was in his hometown of Saskatoon to celebrate

What Tamara Had To Say:

CTV news filmed “The Gift of Gratitude” as Jayesh presented the item to the Tamara. When asked about Picatic Tamara lamented, “It is very easy to use the site to sign up for the workshop. The user friendly site led me to purchase the 1 millionth ticket. I was shocked that I had won. I was also very impressed that the CEO of a company would take the time to present me with a gift. When Jayesh showed up at the Arthritis Society (where I work) with balloons, a huge box of chocolates and a gift card for coffee, just for being the 1 millionth person to purchase a ticket left me feeling very blessed to have won and to have had the opportunity to meet such a caring individual.”

“This is our way of saying THANK YOU! Thank you to every single customer who helped us get where we are today” says Jayesh Parmar. “We started this business 8 years ago. We had two staff and a very different intended service. Picatic has garnered supporter from around the globe. We have a large (and growing) team and we are excited to take this business to the next level – 8 has never looked so mature!”

From all of us at Picatic – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who purchases a ticket, provided us with feedback and continuously supports our journey and growth. Without sounding cliche – none of this is possible without you!  

millionth ticket sold
Here’s to the next big milestone!

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