In a world full of ticket platforms, I had nothing but options when it came to launching my company’s event series – “Future Perfect”.

So, why did I choose to use Picatic? The answer is simple – Picatic allowed us to stay on brand, it keeps people on our site and the emphasis was on our brand, not the brand of the ticketing platform.

The biggest determining factor for us is that we (Envol Strategies) are a new business with minimal brand recognition. The goal of the event series is to drive increased brand awareness through interactions with our brand. By keeping people on our site, interfacing with our logo and our brand, we were front and centre for people’s entire ticket purchase experience.

Brand recognition is a large part of marketing. When you host an event – being in sight and in mind of your audience is a game changer for events.

Why I Use Picatic:


“Picatic Anywhere is the best event software, bar none!”

When I first looked into using Picatic Anywhere I was blown away by the options provided to me. We were able to build our own event user interface, customizing how people received information about the event. With the use of their API, our web developer could basically manipulate anything in the Picatic code so my event registrants felt like we had built our own ticketing software.

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What I Liked Best About The Picatic Platform:

Not only is Picatic simple to use, it also comes with a robust backend to ensure you have event success. The team at Picatic also attempt to go above and beyond by posting events on their social platforms to increase brand awareness. They consistently exceeded our expectations with quick replies to our questions, rapid troubleshooting, and a solutions-focused, collaborative approach.

The Google Analytics integration allowed me to track my conversion rate, how long it took people to purchase tickets and more.

Being able to access data was a breeze with the built in Picatic dashboard.

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My SEO also improved because people stayed on my site longer. My bounce rates decreased as I was no longer sending people off my site and off brand in order to purchase tickets.


Another feature that worked exceptionally well for us was scanning tickets with our smartphones and iPads as guests arrived to the event. It’s safe to say that Picatic helped us create a great customer experience, even beyond digital. The app UX/UI was a great experience for our team at registration.

Why I Will Be Using Picatic Again:

The platform speaks for itself and the team is always their to help. I feel that the Picatic team go above and beyond to help people put on successful events. For this reason, I will be a repeat customer.

I encourage you to try Picatic if you are using a competitor site. You have nothing to lose but old, antiquated technology.

About Envol Strategies:

Sitting at the intersection of marketing and human resources, Envol specializes in employer branding and people solutions. Our focus is helping companies build long-term, sustainable employer brand value, recognition and awareness through workforce marketing.

Envol allows you to stop relying on recruiters to become a brand that people want to work for. We’ll help you get there with the tools you need to market yourself in the world of talent acquisition.

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