periscope for events

“Discovering the world through someone else’s eyes”

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to engage your event attendees look no further: Periscope streaming is here.

What if you could see through the eyes of an attendee at Brazil’s Carnival? Or watch your favourite band play at Coachella without actually setting foot on the festival grounds? Periscope is the self proclaimed “best way to share and watch live video broadcasts from your mobile phone”.

We have all used event engagement platforms like live tweeting, live video streaming and Twitter walls, but what makes Periscope different than the other guys is that the audience is viewing the event through your eyes (well your cell phone camera). Viewers can engage with you in real time through content that pops up on your screen.

While you capture the moment on video your fans can watch along with you, type in their comments, ask questions and remain truly engaged throughout the session.  They can also send you some love while they view with the touch of a finger to the screen.

Since Periscope is a pretty new phenomenon I thought I’d start by explaining exactly how it works. From there we’ll get into what I like and dislike about using the app for events.

Getting started

Download periscope and login with your Twitter account. If no one you follow is streaming live, look for video’s that interest you. Once you find a video you like, follow along.

Periscope for events

The Pros

  • It’s incredibly easy to use.
  • I like the fact that anyone can follow along by simply joining the video thread.
  • Spreading the love is made incredibly easy by touching the screen. You will see little hearts on the bottom of the right hand side that float up the screen. The more hearts, the more love.
  • You can turn off the chat while you are viewing a video to avoid distractions.

The Cons

  • One problem I found with Periscope is the same problem I find with all social media – people hide behind screen names and they can be downright vulgar.
  • I also couldn’t find a way to type back to my Periscopers that were following along. I understand that I could speak to them, but during a keynote speaker session is probably not the best time to be chatting with my peeps.
  • Videos are removed quickly and like Snapchat they are gone forever. If you like to go back and watch your videos you will need to download them to your phone, but the comments will not follow along.

Down to the scope of it

Amateur social sharing has been taken to the next level with Periscope – it’s bringing streaming back! A word to the wise: don’t miss out on the video craze, don’t be shy and get your streaming on! The great thing about Periscope, for those of you that are camera shy, is that your video has a very short shelf life!

Let is know how your Periscope in the comments below.

nicolepThis guest blog was written by Nicole Parmar – Saskatchewan born Ukrainian girl A mom and a wife with an amazing day job. She loves long weekends, marketing, developing, event planning and spectacular vernacular!  

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