You’ve started marketing your event. There is a lot of engagement. There is a lot of traffic to your site. The problem is that a very small number of people are buying tickets to your event.

Don’t let your marketing dollars go to waste!

Last week, we discussed the importance of Google Analytics and why you need to monitor traffic to your site and here is another reason why. When you can optimize your conversion rate you can turn more website traffic into more ticket purchasers.

Understand Your Ticket Sales Funnel

Start by understanding the traffic to your site.

How many people visit your website everyday? How many of those people become ticket purchasers? Your ticket conversation rate is the number of ticket purchasers divided by the number of page visitors.

If you have low conversion rates, you need to figure out where the drop off in sales is happening? From there, you can figure out how to make ticket purchasing easier for your your website visitors.

Remove Barriers of Entry (Simplify The Purchasing Flow)

If you’ve ever gone to a website and buying an item becomes hard due to all the steps and all the clicks needed to get your item purchased, you probably leave that site, without completing your purchase.

If you make it hard for people to buy tickets on your website, you’re putting barriers in the way of people who want to purchase tickets. Just like you would have given up on sites that make it hard for you to purchase, many people will give up on your site as soon as buying a ticket becomes difficult.

In order to help remove barriers of entry from your site, we created Picatic Anywhere. This allows you to sell tickets and collect payment on your website without users leaving your home page. It’s easy. It’s simple and it removes barriers to entry.

Closing The Purchasing Gap

Don’t get stuck in the weeds focusing on the wrong numbers. Instead of worrying about getting more and more traffic to your website try to streamline your sales funnel and conversion rate instead.

Once you’ve identified the bottleneck or the barrier of entry and you can ensure ticket purchasers have an easy path to payment, you will see a boost in ticket sales.


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