Live streaming videos have come a long way since Periscope first launched. Video is everywhere and it’s hard to use when it is the new expectation. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the power of live streaming events.

Did you know ~ viewers spend 8X longer with live video than recorded video. Our assumption for this is that people want to be a part of the action.

You can’t afford to be ignoring live streaming as it can have a great impact on your event bottom line.

live streaming events

Your Audience Expects Live Videos

“Breaking news makes up 56% of most-watched live content, with conferences and speakers tied with concerts and festivals in second place at 43%.”

Not long ago, a live streaming of an event was a nice bonus! Not everyone was doing it. Event promoters offered insight into their event for all guests. This led to a huge spike in view-through rates for the promoters that went towards live streaming.

There is an expectation to share events and to broadcast moments.  It’s the new norm. 

These moments allow conversations and let people from all over the world be in the moment with you.

Live Stream Can Take A Viewer To Buyer

There are a multitude of events happening at any time everywhere in the world. Live streaming events is a great way to increase reach. By offering people a sneak peak into your event, you could turn it from a 100 person event into 10,000.

Live streaming will not impact your ticket sales in a negative way. A reader survey with New York Magazine revealed that 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a similar event’s live video. Live streaming your event can actually increase your ticket sales.

How To Start Live Streaming Events

It’s easier than you think!

When you first start live streaming your event, invest in some tools. You will want to look into tripods, lighting and editing programs to start with.

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, it would be wise to watch some videos on how to live stream events. 



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