It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Promo codes are here!

picatic promo codes

We’re always looking for ways to help you organize more successful events. After conducting a little market research and gathering your feedback, we realized we could make a major improvement to help you sell more tickets  – promo codes.

The promo code feature gives you the ability to do two things:

  1. Offer discounts to attendees
  2. Allow access to hidden ticket types

Discount codes

Let’s face it, selling tickets to an event is not an easy task. Discount codes provide you with a tool to drive ticket sales by offering a certain quantity of tickets at a discounted price. Ticket buyers who have access to the discount code will have extra incentive to buy tickets before your deal is done. Discount codes can be used in many ways to accelerate ticket sales:

  • Encourage action with a daily or weekly discount campaign. This creates scarcity, so more people take action and move forward with their purchase decisions.
  • Provide channel partners with special discount offers they can distribute to their audiences.
  • Reward loyal fans. These people are often your cheerleaders online – delight them with a discount, and they might just pay it forward in a big way.

For more information, here’s a full tutorial explaining the finer details of discount codes.

Access codes

Hidden tickets on your event page can be made visible to guests with a special password or access code URL.

We’ve come to know that you don’t necessarily want the general public to see all of the tickets you’re offering. With access codes, you can create a hidden ticket that is only visible to people with the correct promo code. This feature provides a solution for many cases, such as:

  •  Selling member-only, or student rate tickets.
  • Managing your free tickets for volunteers, sponsors, speakers and others. Setup a hidden ticket and access code for each category and have them register on your official event page, allowing your to accurately track total attendance.
  • Reserving a set number of tickets for promotional campaigns.

For more information, here’s a full tutorial on on how to set up hidden tickets and access codes.

Promo codes are also an excellent tool for tracking which marketing campaigns are performing the best for you. From your event’s manage page you can view all of the promo codes you have created and see how many times each has been used. Analyzing this data will give you a good idea of which campaigns have been the most effective in generating ticket sales.

Thanks for all your feedback! If there is any tool you’d like see developed to help you run a more successful event, let us know in the comments below.

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