Instagram has rolled out two brand new features, Instagram Live and Instagram Direct, that combine the best of Facebook Live, Periscope, and it’s BFF, Snapchat. Instagram is aiming to put a new spin on the way we perceive livestream video and how we will incorporate it within private direct messaging.  The possibilities really are endless when you think about the potential of 360 video in the future, among other features that Facebook has up its sleeve.

So, what is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live lets you broadcast video to your followers in real-time, but they can only watch while you’re streaming. No replays. But, don’t fret, you will be able to browse all interest-based public livestreams on the Explore page curated by the oh so famous algorithm. While Periscope started with a 24-hour expiration date, it eventually allowed permanent replays like Facebook Live. With Instagram Live, it’s important to note that videos disappear as soon as the stream stops. The real purpose of this new livestream feature is to get people to livestream more frequently rather than concentrating on broadcasting exclusive moments such as events.



Instagram Direct

If you’re not up to sharing a live video of you at a bar when you actually called in sick to work to all of your followers, you finally have the option to send it to specific individuals (granted that you both follow each other). The catch is that they can only watch it twice before it disappears for good, and just like Snapchat, you will be notified if anyone screenshots your story. This new feature gives you complete control over who your audience is. With the new direct messaging feature, Instagram is really trying to provide it’s user base with the freedom to be yourself by choosing who you be yourself around

So, is this Facebook’s attempt to compete with Snapchats strict privacy policy? We’ll let you be the judge of that (Fun fact: they can’t). Although different Snapchat services require different deletion protocols, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the more trusted social platforms out there – for now. (Their new announcement about filing for IPO could mean otherwise).

“Snapchat lets you capture what it’s like to live in the moment. On our end, that means that we automatically delete the content of your Snaps (the photo and video messages that you send your friends) from our servers after we detect that a Snap has been opened by all recipients or has expired. But remember: There are various ways Snapchatters can save your content and also upload it to Snapchat .”

– Snapchat


So, how will Instagram Live impact the Event Industry?

Yes, Instagram might have feature copied a bit. But they might be on to something in creating a sense of urgency with viewers as well as catering to the sense of privacy and security that plenty of users are concerned about.  Think about the possibilities when it comes to exclusive events. You could segment your content by customer segment and funnel specific content to specific users and the rest will be none the wiser. Granted, Instagram might not have the ability to do this on a mass scale yet, but it’s definitely not out of the question. A few other positives in which we can approach these new features include

  • The increased sense of urgency will cause viewers watch and consume content immediately.
  • Creating raw and real experiences – you can’t hide or edit much when you’re live
  • People will be more inclined  to livestream more frequently rather than concentrating on broadcasting exclusive moments of importance.

This is a topic I could go on and on about but I’m sure we’d all appreciate a variety of input. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below and let the discussion begin!


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