ibeacon for conference and event organizers

Event organizers are always looking for new ways to engage attendees and personalize their experiences — well, at least they should be.  According to a study done by ABI Research, 400 million beacons will be deployed by 2020.  What does this mean for you? Beacons are on an incredible incline.

What Is An iBeacon?

iBeacon works with Location Services in iOS. With iBeacon, your iOS device can alert apps when you approach or leave a location. In addition to monitoring your location, an app knows when you’re close to an iBeacon. Instead of using latitude and longitude to determine your location, it uses a Bluetooth low energy signal that is detected by your device.

iBeacons have been around for quite some time now and have been used by well-known brands all over the world.

How Can Event Organizers Benefit From Them?

iBeacons allow event organizers to send highly contextual, hyper-local messaging to all attendees. This type of personalized messaging has the ability to take your event from meh, to amazing!

There are several ways event organizers can utilize iBeacons:

1.) Send location-specific content to attendees using push notifications.  When your guest is listening to a speaker — you can send added information about the speaker straight to their phone.

2.) Increase social sharing — Make sharing easy. Set up an iBeacon at a high-traffic area, such as a photo booth, at your conference. Doing this will allow you to send in-app messages to prompt guests to share their experience!

3.) RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Successor – No app? No problem. Conference organizers can distribute iBeacons via wristbands, lanyards and other event items.  iBeacons also allow you to send personalized messages and can be detected from up to 50 meters away!

What Type Of Data Can You Collect From An iBeacon?

Collecting data in real-time has never been easier. User journeys, dwell times and even heat maps can be tracked for each attendee.  This type of tracking allows organizers to constantly improve events. Depending on how the iBeacon is integrated with other software systems, you can collect a wide range of metrics including

  • Visits online and through apps
  • Recency and frequency of visits and transactions
  • Capacity planning and resource utilization through mobile in-store combination analytics

We always stress promotion before, during, AND after events. The data collected from iBeacons also allows organizers to send out personalized information post event which is extremely effective in gaining reoccurring registrations.

Let us know how you would use an iBeacon in the comments below!

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