Event management and planning comes with many challenges! Client retention might be the biggest one. So, how do you ensure customers and attendees are satisfied enough to come back again and again? 

Don’t worry – it’s actually much easier than you’d think!

There are simple steps you can take to ensure you are relating to attendees, clients, staff and volunteers alike.

1. Communicate With Clients, Attendees, Speakers and Volunteers

Communication is key to everything in life – events probably require you to over communicate!

Always keep open communication channels between clients, attendees, staff and volunteers. A breakdown in communication is the best way to lose clients.

You can stay in the loop with attendees through channels like social media, email campaigns, and event page updates.

Start a Slack channel or Trello board for volunteers at your event. This way there will be transparency, tasks, assignments and everyone will be in the loop at all times.

After every event hold a post mortem for your team. Ask questions and ask for honest feedback. What did you and your team do exceptionally well? What was executed poorly? Was the caliber of your event what you expected it to be? It would be great to find out your net promoter score and enhance it.

2. Get Engaged

Take your communication tactics a step farther. Go beyond surveys during and after your event. Engage with your audience on social media as much as you or your team can. Make sure you talk to any guests who appear to have a concern or problem. Thank people who were socially engaged during and after your events. 

If there is negative feedback – address it. Thank people for being honest and providing you data points to improve upon.

3. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

There are typically going to be outliers. If you take every single suggestion of improvement into consideration you may drive yourself crazy. Instead – look for patterns or themes. If there is a repeated pain point mentioned by several guests that’s probably an area you need to improve upon. You will need to take some criticism with a pinch of salt as that is all it will be.

For the items that need to be fixed make a list ranking from high to low priority. Obviously, start with the high priority high impact items.  Start with items that will make your event better for everyone.

Attempting to change too much too fast will leave you and your team burnt out. 

4. Segment Your Marketing, Emails and Messages

Do not blanket email or market anyone. Segment your email campaigns. Define your attendee persona’s and target those people. You cannot be everything to everyone so, send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

If you want to engage with past attendees, segment your list and only email them.

Segmenting makes client, attendee and volunteer retention much easier.

5. Never Stop Your Forward Momentum 

Attention is currency. Once you have built momentum – keep it. Let people know about your next event. If this is an annual event – offer early bird pricing the moment your event ends. Offer it to anyone who attended the event.

Use social media to magnify that message. Set up a Facebook event with a link to your event page. Recommend events you think your clientele would benefit from. Simply put – stay in sight in mind. Stay in front of what your competition is doing so you don’t have to play catch up.

Next Steps

Keep doing what you are doing. Look for ways to be innovative. Find the best clients for your style. Stay authentic and stay true to your brand. Have fun and keep bringing people together.


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