data hacks for planning a festival
Planning a festival is no small feat.  There are so many factors to take into consideration.

  • Where will we host the event?
  • What will we use for ticketing?
  • Who will be the main entertainment?
  • Should we host on campgrounds?
  • Where can we find the right equipment?
  • How much is on-site medical attendance?
  • What catering should we get?
  • …And so much more.

When you’re dealing with this many components, you have to make smart moves. Nailing down why you’re hosting and planning a festival will help you make smart and informed choices. It is crucial to have accurate data and statistics to back up these choices.

planning a festival

Festival Apps – Collect That Data

We recommend you look into developing a festival app. Festivals have been utilizing these apps to collect valuable data about their attendees. It also helps attendees plan their days. The apps informs guests of which headliners to see and where to get food and water. From Coachella to Burning Man, it’s obvious that it provides a lot to both the organizers and the guests.

“Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.”

-Smart Insights

People use apps, whether they’re sharing experiences or looking up information. All the input from apps are valuable data that you can use. Do you remember iBeacon technology? It can help you track user paths, dwell times and popular areas at conferences. You can also use this technology to determine who the popular vendors are. There are a lot of use cases for it, but the key take-away is that it is useful. Setting up these iBeacons around the festival grounds can provide you with a lot of data in real-time.

planning a festival with data

Sponsors, Sponsors, Sponsors

Did you know that you can scrape data for all the brands that your fans have expressed interest in?  You can do this through a data management platform, or a DMP. A DMP collects audience data from various first-party sources. These sources include desktop, mobile web, apps, offline, even TV. This is data that you own from your own customers. You can then scrape the data to pull insights on how to build out your festival.
People are more likely to attend an event if the brands they support have a presence there. This is a great way to leverage the authority of other brands to propel yours forward! Find the brands that your audience likes and reach out to them. Every demographic has their own interests. It’s your job to find out how to capitalize on it.

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Strategic Line-up Planning

What is your brand? Who is your audience? What do they listen to? Answer these three questions and you will have a kickass lineup. If you’re already part of the ecosystem, this should be easy. If not, you can use sources like Spotify or Soundcloud to figure out what people are listening to. They provide great insight into who is trending and which artists are on the rise.  You don’t always have to go after the heavy-hitters though. Recruiting newer artists that have landed record deals in the past is a great way to go. It shows that they have what it takes but they haven’t blown up yet. Festivals are also meant to introduce new artists to the masses.
If you’re planning a festival, these tips could help you move it forward. Join the conversation! Comment below and let us know some of your festival planning tips and tricks.
As always, Happy Planning!


3 Fundamental Data Hacks For Planning A Festival
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3 Fundamental Data Hacks For Planning A Festival
Instead of planning a festival and hoping for the best, here are 3 data hacks you can use to make your festival the best possible event ever.
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