event wait list

Today, we released Wait Lists to help you capture more leads for your event. Wait Lists are great for situations when tickets are not currently available for sale. For example:

  • After tickets have sold out, enable a Wait List and continue to capture potential guests for your event.
  • Before ticket sales begin, enable a Wait List to build up a list of potential guests and validate the success of your event.

Let’s take a closer look at these two scenarios below.

Create a Wait List for a sold out event

So, you’ve hit your goal and your event is at capacity – what’s next? Now, you can setup a Wait List to continue to capture interested guests and leads for your marketing team.

If there’s a cancellation or a spot becomes available, you can release tickets to anyone who’s on the Wait List. The potential guest will receive a notification to claim their spot at your event.

Pre-sell your event with a Wait List and get validation

Let’s say you’re hosting an event for the first time and you’re not sure about what the demand might be to attend. A Wait List can be enabled prior to tickets being available for sale – this gives you the opportunity to build up a list of potential attendees before you take on the risk of running the event.

Once you’re satisfied with your list size you can then choose which guests on your Wait List will receive the option to claim their spot at your event.

Learn more about creating a Wait List in our Help Center.

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