Up to now, Picatic has focused on helping event hosts create and successfully manage single day events. But often hosts are planning more complex events like multi-day conferences or recurring classes and workshops.

Managing registrations for multi-day and recurring events is more complicated than for most other events. Existing registration platforms force hosts to create dozens of ticket variations and date ranges or to spend hours duplicating and then managing multiple event pages. The result is a clunky experience for your guests, more abandoned carts, and less money in your pocket.

Today, we’re launching Event Schedules, which make it simple to setup and manage a multi-day or recurring event from a single page.

Effortless scheduling for multi-day conferences and festivals

Events that take place over multiple days are inherently more difficult to schedule. Hosts often provide ticket options to attend the full event, a single day, or even a single session. As attendees, we’ve all sifted through long lists of tickets trying to make sense of what’s available for each day.

With Event Schedules, our focus was to simplify both the creation experience for hosts and the registration experience for your guests.  

The event host simply selects the date-range of their event and then creates the ticket options that are available for each day. This makes it simple for guests to add tickets to their cart based on the day(s) they can attend or the sessions they’re most interested in taking part in.


Repeating and recurring events without the recurring work

Building a schedule for an event series, workshop, or class that repeats on a recurring basis used to mean creating a pile of duplicate pages and a lot of wasted time. To make things easier, Event Schedules now allow you to create a single registration page that lists all of the dates your event takes place on.

Simply set the schedule for your recurring event, and create the tickets that are available for each day. Your guests can then choose the day or days they’d like to attend during checkout.

We’re just getting started

We know that scheduling is an important part of what it takes to run a successful event, but we also know it’s not the only thing.

What we are launching today is only the beginning, a small step into the world of multi-day conferences, festivals, and recurring events.

You can try it out now, and let us know what you think!

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