You’ve created a budget, booked the best speakers, sourced a good caterer and picked the hottest venue in town. Everything seems to be in place for the next great event, but you forgot one thing…

Your event website sucks.

A bad event website can directly effect ticket sales. Potential ticket purchasers can easily tell the difference between a carefully crafted event page and one that looks like a bad Christmas sweater. As the event organizer, you have the opportunity to provide a great experience for your patrons months in advance of your event date. That all starts with your event website.

One of the primary ways people find out about events is online. It’s likely that people will be checking out your website to learn more about your event before they make the decision to buy a ticket. You better make a good first impression then! No problem. The best way to learn how to do this is by example. Here’s a list of 6 Inspiring Event Websites That Are Better Than Yours.

BarCamp Omaha

barcamp event websites

Barcamp is a network of “unconferences” focused on technology. They were created as an open-to-the-public alternative to Foo Camp, which is an annual invitation-only participant-driven conference hosted by Tim O’Reilly. The Barcamp Omaha website is a great example of how to spark people’s interest in your event. Not only did they create their own set of space creature mascots, they included subtle animation all over the page. This fits well with the hacky oddball style of Barcamps everywhere. How do you not share an event website like this one with your friends?

Design Week Portland

design week portland event websites

During one week in October every year, Design Week Portland explores the process, craft and practice of design. An annual event provides the perfect opportunity to redesign your website each year to help keep things fresh, and that’s what Design Week Portland has done here. Their event website for 2013 does a great job of capturing what Design Week is about by rotating a portfolio of various Portland designers as the visitor scrolls down the page. They also provide users with a well crafted event schedule, which allows people to save the event sessions that they are interested in to build their own schedule.

MOVE Dance Convention

dance convention event websites

MOVE is a two day Canadian dance convention that promises to enhance a dancer’s skills through a series of challenging dance workshops. This one-page event website does a terrific job of stepping the visitor though the event introduction (what & why), the dance crew (who), date/location (when & where). What’s great about a one-page website is that it allows the user to “scroll” through the content on a well crafted single page rather than clicking around to find what their looking for. This works perfectly for event websites since it closely mimics how you would read an event poster to learn more about an event.

Build Conference

build conference event websites

It’s almost expected that a conference that brings together some of the best designers in the world would have a great event website. The Build Conference in Ireland doesn’t disappoint. They put a strong focus on establishing their conference’s brand. The use of the triangle pattern is a refreshing style used throughout the site. This website is also a great example of how using less colour can actually produce more effective results. The site is straight to the point with simple, structured content. Their event registration page also makes it incredibly easy for event goers to purchase tickets. This one is in our good books.

Circles Conference

circles conference event websites

Circles is a conference that gives attendees the opportunity to learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators for the creative community. Their website does a great job of driving early interest in the event before all of the conference details are available. This is an important takeaway since it’s never too early to start promoting your event. We also like how Circles displays their price first. It’s a bold move that many event websites tend to shy away from.

GLA League of Legends Tournament

LoL Tournament Website

Welcome to the world of eSports. That’s “electronic sports” which refers to live broadcasted professional video gaming. There has been a rising trend in the number of live gaming experiences in recent years and this League of Legends tournament website is part of the pack. Whether you are a gamer or not, this page grabs you immediately by using the incredible game artwork as the cover image. We also like how they use early bird ticket pricing to award early adopters and VIP ticket pricing to provide exclusive access. Our event website creator makes it easy for anyone to quickly build an event website like this one, all without writing a single line of code.

Did we miss any of your favourite event websites? Are you looking for some design advice for your existing event website? Let us know in the comments below.

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