5 Reasons Why Hosting Events Is Good For Your Brand

For brands within certain niches and industries, it could be a good idea to host your own events and conferences to build your brand’s trust and authority.


Well, there are a variety of reasons why hosting events is a good idea, but here are five of the reasons why hosting your own conference or event could be the branding prayer you’ve been hoping for:

  1. Build brand recognition
  2. Become a thought leader
  3. Face-to-face networking
  4. Strengthen your community
  5. Builds trust

Let’s break down why each of these points is so important, and how they can help elevate your brand’s position.

Build brand recognition

When hosting an event or conference for your brand, your customers aren’t the only people that should be attending. Inviting media publications and influencers from within your industry can also build up your brand recognition. This is an excellent way of establishing contacts to write articles about your company through their media channels and to engage influencers on their social media platforms. From your one event, you can branch out into different engagement channels to maximize your brand awareness and recognition.

So what should you do to make this happen?

  1. As soon as you know the details of your event, make sure you share that information with the various media outlets that you’d like to target.
  2. Make sure you also schedule rolling status updates on social media to let people know about your event (Ex. Countdown through Twitter)
  3. Extend an invite to influencers in your niche
  4. Ask speakers to share the event on social media to their audience

That should be a good starting point to build brand recognition beyond your existing customer base. You want as many eyes as possible to be looking at your event, so reach out and connect with more people!

Become a thought leader

Thought leadership has become a very popular marketing and branding tactic for organizations to build brand recognition. The position of a thought leader is to pave the way towards innovation within an industry, both being knowledgeable about the industry’s qualities at the moment and where the trends are moving towards. If this is one of the goals you want to accomplish through your event, make sure you know the topic of interest like the back of your hand.

For small businesses, this can mean utilizing knowledge and data that only you have access to. It could also be speaking about topics that are new or disruptive. You want to be seen as a leading expert in your field, and by introducing new topics of interest that are backed up by data and research, you can easily gain a foothold as a thought leader in your field.

Face-to-face networking

Hosting an event allows you to get up close and personal with your customers and audience in an intimate setting. It’s the perfect chance to open up a dialog with the customers you have in a meaningful way. Make sure you include time for networking and meet-and-greets in your next event! Face-to-face connections are increasingly rare in our virtual-first world, but they are one of the best ways of solidifying somebody’s interest in your organization or brand.

An event also serves as a great platform to speak with other brands and industry leaders.

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth”.

-Armstrong Williams

You can gain a wide variety of connections through hosting your own events. If you’re looking for new suppliers or distributors, an event hosted by you could be the perfect way to engage with them. It also gives you an excuse to invite new connections that you’d like to establish as part of your events outreach. Instead of waiting for an introduction, you can invite them to your event to get your foot in the door!

Strengthen your community

People care about the types of interactions they have with the brands they follow. An event would offer them an outlet to voice their feedback and concerns directly to the source. There’s also a certain feeling you get when you attend an event with a large group of attendees that shares the same interests as you.

When you start hosting more events successfully, you’ll also gain more popularity with your audience. This is how communities grow. They learn about a brand or thought leader that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy and talk about them with their friends. Look at various influencers across the globe and watch as they mesmerize their audience on the stage. They have that effect because they are strong speakers, have knowledge on their topic, and they don’t skirt around problems or issues. They build trust with their community, and that’s what you need to do to establish a larger and stronger following.

In addition to that, create and develop a platform for your attendees to stay connected. Whether you choose to do this through LinkedIn or Facebook Groups, or even through a forum of your own making, creating a space for your attendees to engage after the event will keep the hype running around your brand.

Build trust and loyalty

One of the main ways to build trust is through transparency (which I touched on in the previous point). Growing your brand and following is great, but it’ll only happen if the people who show up believe in your brand and message! As a small business, don’t shy away from transparency. Your business is still at a point that you should wholly embrace transparency as a strength, not a weakness. According to LabelInsight, 94% of all consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand when it commits to transparency!

You have to tell the story behind your brand. This doesn’t mean a solo monologue by yourself the entire time. Invite your audience to contribute when applicable. Hold Q&A panels. Provide user-submitted data to highlight the facts. Get people involved so that the rest of your audience can hear actual stories from other customers that are just like them.

Hosting Events Is Good For Your Brand

These are just some reasons why hosting an event or conference for your brand is a good way of building brand trust and authority. As a small or medium-sized business, you have the flexibility to create a conference that embodies your brand message. If you do choose to go this route, make the event your own, and make it memorable!

5 Reasons Why Hosting Events Is Good For Your Brand
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5 Reasons Why Hosting Events Is Good For Your Brand
It could be a good idea to host your own events and conferences to build your brand's trust and authority. Here are 5 reasons why hosting events is good for your company.
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