data to plan legendary festival

Planning a festival is no small task.  There is so much to take into consideration such as location, ticketing, entertainment, campgrounds, equipment, on-site medical attendance, food, DRINKS, and so much more.

When you’re dealing with this many components every detail and choice must be smart (well, choices should always be smart but that’s another article).  The big question of ‘why’ comes into play. Why are you holding a festival? Why do people want to go to a festival? Why are you choosing a specific location and so on and so fourth. Really nailing doing the ‘why’ to all of these questions will help you make smart and informed choices in your decision-making process. It is crucial to have accurate data and statistics to back up these choices.

plan legendary festival with data

Festival Apps – Get that data!

Don’t have a festival app? We recommend you reconsider that. Big time players like Coachella and Burning Man have been utilizing these apps to collect valuable data and help attendees plan their days from headliners to see, food stops to indulge at, and water stations to visit. According to a recent statistic from Smart Insights

“Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites.”

We’ve discussed how using iBeacon technology can help you monitor user paths, dwell times and popular areas at conferences, but you can also use this technology to determine things such as popular vendors and who to invite back the following year to provide both you and festival goers with more value. Setting up these iBeacons around the festival grounds can provide you with a mass amount of data in real time.  For example, if there is an influx of people at one specific location, the iBeacon allows you to know  exactly where and how many people are in the general area.  This will allow you to send over security or other event staff  to handle the situation accordingly.

plan legendary festival with data

Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors

Now this is something that I personally found very interesting, with all the data out the on the internet you can find out almost anything. But did you know that you can data scrape for all the brands that your fans have expressed interest in?  If you did, then please comment below and share with us how you’ve used Data Management Platforms (DMP) in your field!

People are more likely to attend and become returning attendees if the brands that they recognize and connect with are going to have a presence at your festival. This is a great way to leverage the authority of other brands in order to propel yours forward!

plan legendary festival with data

Strategic Line-up Planning

What is your brand? Who is your audience? What do they listen to? Answer these three questions and you will have a kickass lineup that is on brand, will attract the right audience, and ultimately result in everyone having the experience of a lifetime! You can find these artists by researching their followings and downloads on platforms like Spotify.  They provide great insight as to who is trending and which artists are on the rise.  You don’t always have to go after the heavy-hitters though, recruiting newer artists that have landed record deals in the past is another great way to go — it shows that they have what it takes and they just haven’t blown up – YET. Use this as an opportunity to pay it forward and maybe even create a relationship with artists before they become mainstream!

Festival season may be a long ways away — but the planning should’ve started yesterday.  Join the conversation! Comment below and let us know some of your festival planning tips and tricks.


As always, Happy Planning!



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