Coming up with a unique Halloween costume idea for a party can be frustrating. We feel your pain, so we did a quick round up of some clever, pop culture inspired costumes for you all!

Warning:  These costumes are scary-good

Couples Halloween Costumes

(Don’t worry, these can also be worn individually)

Harley Quinn & Joker

A great couples costume but.. you don’t necessarily need a Puddin’ to rock this one.

harley quinn and joker halloween costume ideas 2016


Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Donald: Get your hair piece and bronzer ready! Bonus points if you can incorporate something about a wall into this costume.

Hillary: Power suit, power suit, power suit.

donald trump hillary clinton halloween costume ideas 2016

Individual  Halloween Costumes

Pikachu/Pokemon Go’er

We prefer the Pokemon Go’er costume over Pikachu but we pass no judgement. Our reasoning? You can literally go to any Halloween event in whatever you normally wear and walk aimlessly while having your eyes glued to your phone. Easy!

pokemon halloween costume ideas 2016


Damn Daniel (and Josh)

We all remember the viral video that was posted back in February.. why not bring back “Daaaaaamn Daniel” one more time!  This get up is perfect for the procrastinators out there. The Damn Daniel starter pack can be easily found at a mall near you.

damn daniel halloween costume ideas 2016



Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Sorry, we had to.


ghostbusters halloween costume ideas 2016



Pay homage to the king, I mean, Prince.

prince halloween costume ideas 2016

Best Friend Halloween Costumes

Richard Hendricks and Erlich Bachman from Silicon Valley #PiedPiper

Now this.. those of us that work in tech will appreciate this one.  When else is it appropriate to rock a silk robe and have your own ‘Bachmanity Insanity’ experience?! Also if anyone knows if the Conjoined Triangles of Success are an actual thing.. let us know.

silicon valley halloween costume ideas 2016


Snapchat Story VS Instagram Story

This one is for the last-minute costume folk. Grab a shirt, sharpies, a notebook and boom! You’re good to go.

Warning: People seem to get extra heated over the topic so wear at your own discretion.

snap schat story filter instagram story halloween costume ideas 2016

Stranger Things #SquadGoals

This Netflix original took us by storm this summer – you can bet you’ll be seeing plenty of little Elevens and Barbara Hollands running around! You can wear these costumes individually, as a couple (Eleven and Mike), or as a group of friends.

stranger things halloween costume ideas 2016

Beyonce and Becky with the Good Hair

All hail the Bee Hive! A Halloween costume list would be incomplete without a Beyonce mention – channel your inner Sasha Fierce and do Queen Bey proud with this costume!

beyonce becky with the good hair halloween costume ideas 2016

Lastly, we expect that there will be a few costumes inspired by Kanye West’s Famous video – We also decided to not post imagery on how to achieve the look because well, it’s minimal.

If we missed any pop inspired costumes that you were expecting to see – comment below or tweet us @Picatic and let us know!








Image(s): Pop Sugar


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