If you or someone you know is planning an event; take 15 minutes and read my free event planning ebook first – it might just save you a bunch of money, time, and your reputation.

I decided to write an ebook to help organizers plan more successful events. The truth is events do fail. It happens every day all over the world. Failures are often accompanied by defeating economic losses and a killer headache.

Being the CEO of an event event management and ticketing company I’ve seen my share of great events. However, I’ve also been introduced to organizers who have left money on the table, or set themselves up for failure – these are the people I want to help.

I want to share my experiences, new technology trends and help you understand the behavioral economics of how humans purchase and consume tickets for events so that you don’t get burned.

I have been planning events for the last 17 years. I have planned events of all shapes, types, and sizes. I have been part of huge successes, major flops and last minute hallelujahs from people showing up at the door. I’ve experienced everything across all spectrums of event planning. My team and I have even gone as far as designing and implementing tools and platforms to help to make events more successful.

If you enjoy this free 15 minute read and if it helps you in any way, please help me by sharing it with others, so I can achieve my dream of empowering and helping good people avoid risking their hard earned money, time and reputation.

—Jayesh Co-founder and CEO of Picatic

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  • http://louisdorard.com/machine-learning-book Louis Dorard

    Just read it and I really like the idea of crowdfunding events! One thing wasn’t clear for me though: would you only be targeting individual attendees in the crowdfunding campaign or sponsors as well?

  • Picatic

    Louis, you could sell sponsorships as a part of your crowdfunding campaign. You can add as many ticket tiers as you’d like to your event page.